Baby sitting the Reddochs

As a gift to Besty and Nick for their birthdays I gave a night of babysitting.
It was fun to be with just me and the Reddoch twins.
I can’t remember when I have had such nice one on one time with them. 
Judah was my helper, and he was a very good minder of the baby girls. 
When he wasn’t babysitting his sisters, he was making a birthday/mothers day card for his mom. 
Rosie and Ginger, just…playing cards. 

Or the Wii. 

Asher was playing Lego Indiana Jones the whole night. 
I left the boys down stairs and took these little ladies up to bed. 
Ginger was my little bottle hog. 

Bedtime storied and songs went great! 
And I was more than a little nostalgic as I put Ginger into this PJ that was once worn by Mirah. 

Once the girls were in bed it was SERIOUS gaming time. 
After a few minutes of this, the boys were in bed, and I went up stairs. 
It was so fun to be with them. I really love these cutie kids! 

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