Saturday At Liberty Park Celebrating Aunt Betsy

The older you get, and the more kids you have, the more your birthday changes. 
This year Betsy’s birthday was on Sunday, mother’s day. We wanted to get together and do something fun. So, after reviewing a few ideas, she picked meeting up at Liberty park in SLC. We got there around 10 AM and parked by the Aviary. 
The weather was cold for a minute and we waited in the gift shop to pass the time and stay warm. 

Soon enough the Reddoch’s arrived and the sun came out! 
Our first stop was the lake to check out the ducks! 
Ladies on the move! 
The water was pretty murky but the boys still wanted to see if there were fish. 

The kids found these tree blossoms on the ground and thought it would be fun to give them to moms. 
Luke and Dad, walking together. 

Liberty park is so cool, there is just so much to discover, like this empty flower pot! 

And this dry fountain. It’s called Seven Canyons, and it represnts the canyons and rivers of Salt Lake Valley. 
The kids had a blast running around in the trails and bushes. 

Karl sneaking up on Luke. 

Mirha found a leaf. 
The clouds began to cover and it was getting chilly again. 

This didn’t slow the ladies one bit! 

So much blue sky, SO cold. 

Rosie and her dad. 
Showing us the fish in the koi pond that I didn’t take a picture of. Oops. 
We found the promise land! 
Even though it is late spring, the flowers in some of the tree were still in bloom. The cotton wood have started dropping their cotton, and everyone is sneezing! 

All smiles from this kid though! Did I mention that he has lost BOTH his front teeth!?
Here are the girls channeling what their brothers once did on the beach in Oceanside: TWINS IN ONE SWING!! 

Mirah my little balance master. 

We found this little play house and we spent a lot of time in there. The little kids especially loved it. Lucas cooking like his dad. 

Asher and Mirah just wanted to swing. No more play house for there. 
Parents of the year!

More kids pictures in the play house. 

It was getting late, and we still wanted to ride the rides! So we all grabbed and baby and headed back that way! 

Asher and Mirah running ahead. 

The kids were all excited to get on some rides!! 

While tickets were purchased, we check out the rides and their height requirements. 
Everyone was tall enough to ride this one! 

Lucas was JUST tall enough. 

Then he saw the cars…

We got saddled up and got on the planes. 

Away we go! 

Next the cars! 
Lucas was in HEAVEN. 

Getting Lucas off any of these rides was a tough thing to do. He was NOT happy. 
Then the Ferris Wheel! 
Ginger and Rosie were too little to ride. So Nick stayed back to be with them while the rest of us got on. 

Everyone was happy here! 

Me and my almost birthday lady. 
Mirah loves ferris wheels. She has been on LOTS of them. 

As the ride started Rosie was still bummed to not be on with us. She stood at the gate most of the ride just watching her mom pass her. 

Our view:

Our last stop of the day: the Merry Go Round. 

We were cold and hungry so after a quick google search we ended up at Hire’s Big H for lunch. 

It was a good pic I think. 
Lucas was into the Salt and pepper baskets. 
It was here that I noticed I was cold burned. 

yeah I didn’t have a sweater or anything. 
Betsy the mama genius birthday queen brought things for the kids to do while we waited. 
Lunch was SO good. We had onion rings and burgers and it was all so nice. We said our goodbyes, and went home to have a NAP! 

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