5 Year Doctor’s Appointment

Friday was the day of Mirah’s 5 year old doctors appointment. This was a big one. It is the appointment where she gets all ready to go to school.

That morning we did all of our pre-appointment prep. Like we had to do a 5 year questionnaire. Mirah was able to do everything! She’s so great. Here she is hopping on one foot. 

Later that day at her appointment:
Taking blood pressure. I let her bring Moana-I knew shots were coming and I hoped it would help her have courage. 
After all of her vitals were taken it was time to wait. 
Then more tests! Here Mirah is getting a finer prick test. The looked at her hemoglobin and blood sugars. Everything looked good! No diabetes or anemia. 
After that whole ordeal, Mirah was ready to play. We were in the Doc McStuffins room today and so Mirah was playing doctor! 
We met with our Pediatrician, Ruth Caldwell, FNP.
Mirah’s eyes, ears, throat and reflexes were looking just perfect! She is growing well, and is now in the 58 percentile for weight, which is SO high compared to earlier in life. 
Then it was time for  shots. Mirah SCREAMED, “no, no, no! I don’t want to get shots!” She cried and screamed, it was really sad. It took her a minute and some stickers to get feeling better again. But she calmed down soon enough. 
Krysta came and hung out with Lucas in the waiting room for me. The appointment took a FULL hour. We took Karen with us.
It was bitter sweet I think. 
She perked up when we went and got our post doctors appointment doughnuts. 
We even were able to snag this little lady on our way home:
MOANA PARTY here we come! 
Karen and Mirah were calm and happy, and we had a nice relaxing afternoon. 

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