Visit to Logan

Grandpa Barney turned 91 on April fools day, and it wasn’t until the last Saturday of the month that we could make it up to Logan to pay Grandma and Grandpa a visit. 

The skies were blue and clear and we were so excited to get out of Orem as a family. 

Our first stop was Grandma and Grandpa’s house. 
With 6 kids of their own, 30+ grand kids, nearly 80 plus great grand kids, they are set to just as far as great kids toys are concerned. 
Lucas was in love with this little dog tug toy. 
Everytime Mirah plays with the barbie dolls I am always blown away to know that grandma made all of the doll’s clothing. 
It’s all hand made. 
She even lined he skirt!! 
Some of the dolls and their outfits are right out of the 60s. 
Some of the dolls were from other eras, but in worse shape. 

I think that they bought this one. His coat at least. 🙂

They kids were just so happy to play. 
Grandpa’s office was a treasure trove of pictures and memories. 

We sat and chatted with Grandma and Grandpa. I notice another amazing handmade thing made by grandma. Handmade, and hand stitched.

I asked Grandma about how many quilts we had made for grandchildren and others over the years she did some math, over 2 hundred at least. Had she ever sold one? Never. They were all gifts. 
Aunt Shirlene like an angel made us all lunch of grilled cheese and delicious tomato bisque soup.  
Lucas and Grandma were happy to sit together. 

As we were eating the Reddochs arrived!
Lady Rosie was hiding from my camera. 

Before we let the kids out and play, we got some pictures with our Grandparents. 

Another grandma with her little grand-baby. 

Once we let the kids go out Lucas found his new favorite things! 

A little lawn mower. 

A little sand. 

The kids were so happy to be outisde enjoying the beautiful spring weather!  

After a little while the Brent Matthews family popped in to say hi! 

And we had to get another picture with more posterity! 
These are only great grand children from 4 of their grand kids. 
Lucas just wouldn’t sit still. 

Mirah was happy to sit for a picture with Grandma. 
As much as Luke likes his Great Grand Parents, the draw to play was just too great.

Did I mention that me a Lucy, are now best buddies? 
Haha, Lucy reminds me of Mirah when she was that age. 

Lucas couldn’t nap at the house, so we took him out for a drive. 

Meanwhile back at the ranch, more Grandma and Grandpa time. 
After all of the time spent playing and reading and laughing and being gentle with Barkley everyone was so hungry.  Aunt Shirlene and Uncle Greg made a BBQ to remember. Delicious brats and burgers. Chips and soda to boot. 
We finished this dinner and headed home. 
We are always so thankful to spend time with our Logan Family. Aunt Shirlene and Uncle Greg are always so kind and generous. It was such a nice day. 

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