Business Cards

Mirah has been really cutely making “work cards” and handing them out to everyone lately.  
She had been doing something like this for a while, but when we visited Branny at his work and he gave her a couple of these:
She got into it.
Here is the one she handed me that morning. 
All of them were pretty uniform. They all had a “way to go!” sticker on them and a smiley face stamp. They each had her name carefully written on them too. 
We were at pack meeting the other night and her buddy Elsie came up to me and said, “Mirah gave this to me, why?” I laughed out loud, got it together and said, “Well its so you will know who she is.” She looked at me puzzled, and then I snapped this picture. 
Yes-my amazing perfect tenacious daughter is passing out business cards to her friends and family. So if you get one, know you are in the club. 

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