Lucas Lately

The last week or two have been somewhat of an explosion of communication and understanding with me and my baby buddy Lucas.

His ability to talk about what he wants, see, and enjoys has exploded. He has been saying “dog” and backing and panting like dogs for months now. But he now knows, cat, horse, sheep, pig. He can identify facial features like his eyes, nose, mouth, and hair.

He says “I love you,” of his own volition, and reaches of kisses and hugs, and is really loving to snuggle. The other day Karl was holding him, and I was standing next to them. I look at Lucas and ask him, “can I have a kiss?” He puckers up coming in with a loud, “mmmmmmm,” ending the kiss with a louder, “muah!” then he turns to his dad and gives him another loud kiss. Then he turns back to me, and leans in for another kids to me, them back to dad, then to me. This cycle lasted at least 6 kisses long for each of us. It was just SO cute.

He loves to eat. This boy loves his protein.
Here he is having a boiled egg for breakfast, he just eats it plain and cold. 

I am saying, “look at the camera, and smile,”while smiling at him.
Oh my goodness he is just the best. 
He is running and jumping and digging and dirty, and we are gearing up to what I think will be a fun and crazy summer for my smart active boy. 

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