Tulip Garden

It was one of those days, where we had decided that we would be with Krysta and Karen, but we had no specific plans. So it was just by mere happenstance that we ended up at Nelson’s Grove Park that day. We were just driving around and thought it would be nice to get outside and enjoy the beautiful day.

We had been to the “maze” before, but never when the tulips were in bloom. If we had come even a week before or after, we would have missed them. 

Both Krysta and I were oooing and awwing. 
pictures hardly do it justice. It was just so lovely. 
Lucas thought they were beautiful too, but he just wanted to hold Krysta’s hand. 

I had never seen this type of bloom before. 
The girls would run and laugh, and then quietly look at the flowers.  

Lady girl sisters. 
I love the bright yellow one in the bottom middle. 

Lucas was loving the gravel for some reason. 

These flowers were just so cool. 
My bestest buddy. 

No he wasn’t pooping. 
He was grabbing little pebbles and throwing them into the tulip beds. 

What mom? 


After all of that we headed to the playground. 
And the kids fell down the slide together. 

We had a nice time enjoying the sun. So we had no choice but to stop and get drinks at Sonic on our way home. 
A truly lovely afternoon.  

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