Easter Activity

Karl got home from work this Tuesday evening and went out back to relax in the hammock. His attempt at having some alone time was thwarted by his family, who love him. Suddenly his hammock for one, became a hammock of three. 
So many elbows knees and shoes. 
I was out there to bother him too. You see, we had a Primary activity! 
An Easter Primary activity, presented by the Young women and Young Men. 
There were tons of kids and youth there and there were several stations of fun and excitement for the kids to enjoy. 
Our first stop:
Face painting. 
Mirah’s buddy Elsie. She was painted as a bunny.
Mirah wanted pink flowers. 
One on each cheek. 

Kami serves in the Young Women. She helped me out with Lucas. Lucas wanted to be a doggie. 
This is our buddy Sammy. She has just done all the make up for her schools production of the Lion King. So she was a total pro. 
Sweet Kami just told them to do whatever they wanted. 
Where did Lucas go? All I see is a dog! His ears are even painted! 

They gave Kami a turtle. 
Mirah and Elsie. 

Lukey again. 

Karl got his face painted too. 
He is a bunny with a monocle. 

Some of the other wonderful face painting. 
Haha, they did each other’s face paintings. 
Even our baby sitter Tana got some hearts on her cheek. 

The next station was fruit loop necklaces. 
Here is bishop and one of the Hunter boys and my friend Sydney with her some Calvin .

Next was jelly bean bingo. 

Mirah and Elsie kept int he rotation, but Lucas just couldn’t be bothered. 
He had found himself a ball, and it needed to be kicked! 
He did this for a solid 20 minutes, at least. 
Back to Mirah, she was at the bowling for deacons station. 

Lucas and Karl took some time to scream into each other’s mouths. 

The final activity was the Easter Egg hunt in the Primary room. There were 300 eggs. 
And they were all collected with in 30 seconds. 

From left to right:
Tess, Grey, Amelia, and Mirah. 
I think that activity was a roaring success. 

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