Easter Dinner with ALL the Reddochs

When we got home from church we spent the afternoon making food. 
We brought potato casserole, Karl’s amazing asparagus, and 40 eggs worth of deviled eggs. 
The develd eggos took forever. Thankfully right as it was time to make them Krysta and Zac showed up. They were coming to dinner with us and were over  to make their dish, pink salad. We put them to work peeling eggs. And in not time we got it all done. 
And we were off to see the Reddochs!  
A wall full of babies. 

We had ham, and Hawaiian rolls, and fig and bree baked into filo dough. 

Lucas got soaked, and we of course didn’t have a change of clothing. So this was his outfit the rest of the evening. 
I am so glad the Whitmore’s came. I love these guys. 
Thanks Zac, for the very nice smile. 
Then one of the rest of the group. 
Of course our hosts:
Nick and Betsy Reddoch. 
Then, from left to right, Jonathan, Rachel, Jenny, and Brain Reddoch. 
Can you spot the difference? 
Jenny and Brain
Joanthan and Rachel.
The kids were all over the house the whole time. 
Asher was just chilling in the living room, reading some books that Grandma had brought him. 
The kids kept themselves occupied and fighting doing Easter egg hunts out back. 

After dinner we had a Grandma and Lady photo shoot. 
Grandma Hite got all the girls these purple dresses. 
Mirah just couldn’t be bothered. 

The girls are being super cute though. 

Just the ladies. 

I love this one. 

The best one of the day. 

Now the girls couldn’t be bothered. 
It was a really nice evening. 

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