Easter Bunny Morning

At 7:30 in the morning, Mirah just couldn’t wait anymore. It was time to see if the Easter Bunny filled our baskets!
And he sure had!
Mirah’s basket.


Lucas’s Basket.


Grandma Hite even got a basket!
As did Karl and I.


The kids were just to into their candy and gifts to be able to look at the camera.


Yes, got one.
Mirah gives us a little explanation.


Poor Karl- he was just too tired to smile.








Some sweet poses. I know that there are some seemingly duplicates. But each picture is just different enough, I can’t choose just one.










While the kids started to dig into their candy, Karl started making breakfast.


We made our special occasion meal, Popovers!





Lucas had a popover with a side of an entire chocolate bunny.
He was just so happy.
They are just so perfect and delicious!



Ah- a pretty special and fun morning.

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