Easter Egg Hunt 2017

Saturday morning dawned bright cool and we were ready to grab some sweet sweet Easter Eggs. 

It wasn’t just us, at the hunt. Just like last year, we were joined by the Reddochs and Grandma Hite.

Kids ready for the hunt!

Lady girl Ginger.

Lovely Lady Rosie.

The hunt started a few minutes after we got there…waiting is hard! 

Asher and Mirah-sharing strategies.


Betsy and her little lady. 

Almost time…

Grabbing their baskets. 

Matching hat mom and lady. 

5, 4, 3, 2, 1- YEAH!!!


After the first round hunt we went to get on the carrot train!

The kids were ready and raring to go! 

We were off. 

Lucas was nervous about it. Happy to be sandwiched between mom and dad. 

Cutie pies. 

We jumped right off the train and got in on our second hunt!


We went over to the bouncy houses.

It was bananas. 



Getting ready to run the race.

They were all so happy. 

Lucas was amazing. He was climbing around like a champion!


We went to our favorite place, Chicken Stars, aka Daddy’s Jr, Aka Carl’s Junior.

Lunch was good, and we were all beat.

We went home for naps.

Then the Reddoch’s came over and the kids played and as it got later, we went to Lucy’s for a fun and crazy family dinner.

Everyone was still beat.
We called it an early night.

We had to get to bed early, the Easter bunny was coming in the morning! 

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