When we first left to go to BYU Idaho, my mom and Dad gave us the little blue Honda Civic.
It cost 7,000 bucks for the 1998 Honda Civic. It had 135,000 miles on it. And now, over 10 years, 3 college degrees, 5 apartments, two kids, and a home purchase later we still had the Honda and it was about to hit 200,000 miles!

Here we are piled in a a family in the tiny car! 

As we left the house we had 4 miles to go. 
We looked around the car and admired the fun details of the car. 
Like the pink windshield wipers. (For breast cancer awareness) 
The duct taped visors. We had to tape them because every time you used one bits of dust and foam fell into your face and eyes. 
The ceiling had gotten a little saggy and it was coming off in some places. 

And even though the air bag appears to be there, it’s not. 🙂

We are were counting down the final mile! 
We went to get drinks, and drove around. 
Lucas. I love him. 
This whole thing made me think about how quickly life goes by. Keep thinking about what the next year will look like. This little guy will never grow up! 

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