Dying Eggs 2017

It was the week of Easter, which meant it was time to dye some eggs! 
I boiled 40 eggs. 

The kids were stoked! 
We got all the different colors ready and got started. 

I tried out all of the different colors, the black eggs was a dye I made with food coloring. It was supposed to be purple. 🙂
Karl loves to decorate eggs. He thought the black color was the coolest. So he had a ball making all the eggs he could. 
Lucas like to drop eggs into the dye. 

Karl like to color with crayons on the eggs. 
Mirah liked to stir and put stickers on the dry eggs. 

I liked that everyone was together and happy. 

One of Mirah’s before dropping it into the pink. 
She was pretty proud of her egg. 
One of Karl’s favorites, The Yoshi. 

While Karl and I were busy, Lucas started to drink the green dye. Ugh. We stopped him after one spoon full. 
The finished rainbow products. 

My mom asked what we do with the eggs since we use plasic eggs for the hunt. Answer: deviled eggs for Easter dinner. 

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