Day 6: The OMSI

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry! 
We were there to see the Lego exhibit. 
(My Stamp)
But there were other things to see first. 
Like the space exhibit.
He is Mirah, in a landing module.  

And here is Lucas, as an astronaut. (with Mirah peeking out from behind)
Cutie pie. 
Mirah Pie. 

There were other hands on science exhibits in the room next to that. 
We had the most fun in the Bloopedome. 

A room filled with little Bloops. 

Buzzing, faceless vibrating things. They were just there to be investigated. 

And Mirah was INTO them. 

Meanwhile out in the construction and moving area, Lucas was turning cranks and moving blocks. 

He couldn’t get enough of it. 
We made our way over to The Art of the Brick Exhibit. 
There was a video intro by the Artist, Nathan Sawaya, then we were off to the different areas of the show. 

The first area, the duplication of famous works of art. 



David! I know him! 

Then we moved on the his original conceptual pieces. 
Like this one, “Hands” based on a dream he had where he had no hands. Which was his nightmare as an artist. 
Different heads. 

Music notes. 

Then there was a section where it was less conceptual, and more copying real things. 

My favorite section was legos as real things, in photographs. 

Some how legos are green? 

Each place he has an exhibit, he leaves a piece as a gift from the museum. 

Did you know?

I didn’t know. 

We spent an hour in the brick building section where we just sat and played and built with a million Legos. 

Mirah’s first creation. 


Landy made the lemon. Karl made the Strawberry and the bug man. I made the blue hat guy. 
and this ballerina. 

Lucas was actually doing pretty well. 

The display shelf:

Mirah’s pink tower. 
Lucas didn’t get it.
(Haha, JK. He was just mad we were putting bricks away because the museum was closing. 

Landy’s finished masterpiece. 

He couldn’t help himself. NO he didn’t make them. He just tried them on. 

Our little set.

Final poses.

SUPER DUPER COOL exhibit. A must see for anyone who can get there. 😉

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