Day 6: Dinner with Landy and Sean

We went over to Landy’s boyfriend’s work place, The Chair Outlet.
We got there MINUTES before they were closing, on purpose. He wouldn’t recognize me and Karl. AND he had plans with his girlfriend’s family…who were these people. Haha got him.

He had a little work to do to close up. So Mirah found her way around to every chair. She was having a blast!  

Hi, getting kicked out of chair. 
We made our way over to this amazing place. 
There was a wait. 

But we didn’t mind. 
Oh this is Sean BTW. 
These two cuties. 
Real talk. The dinner was tough. The kids were bothering the people at the table next to us. And it just wasn’t a super kid friendly restaurant. The food was really good. 
We interrogated Sean about his life, religion, and his intentions for Landy. 
They were so cute and in love. He was so sweet to her and with all of her newly diagnosed health problems, we are glad someone so caring and sweet is in her life. 
We really liked him, and we really liked them together. 
After a heavy and hectic dinner, we said our farewells, with hopes and invitations to see each other again soon. 

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