Day 5: Visiting Lee

So we were late, and tired and there was traffic, but we made it out to Bellevue. 
Waiting for us there, a house full of Pipkins!

Lee and Ann opened their home to us and our kids.

It wasn’t just Lee and Ann, but our Cousin Christian (Chris) and his wife of 30 years Tammy. 
They had dinner all ready for us. They had ordered in Mexican food. It was all SO good. The kids were having a total blast running around on their white carpets. All of them. And thier book shelves with low breakable items everywhere. After dinner, we put the kids to bed RIGHT away. 


Now just the Red Heads. 

We had a super great conversation with Chris and Tammy. We learned more about Lee growing up. About his leave home and blowing off college. 
Here was his confession letter:

We had a great talk about Grandma as a young woman. 
It was a very heavy night. I passed OUT that night. We stayed in Lee’s basement. 
We left the next morning with promises of seeing each other again in a year or so. 

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