Day 5: Back to the MoPop

We arrived at the Museum of Pop Culture and were excited to see more of the place.
First stop:
Fantasy-Worlds of Myth and Magic 
You enter into a dark wooded area, with actual pine needles on the floor. There is a theme of the Archetypes of Fantasy. Each item of memorabilia has a label of which archetype the character lines up with. 
There is a little machine that gives you a 3 question quiz that tells you what Archetype YOU are. 
There is even a little booth that you can take a picture in, and you become that type:

Lucas didn’t take the quiz, Karl just thought the Shadow would be funny. 
They had some totally awesome pieces in their collection. 
Like this one! 
Sirius’s robe! 

Conan’s sword! 

Dorothy’s dress. 
The wicked witches hat was there too. 
There was a radical thrown we all fit in! 

Then there was a dragon. The kids LOVED that dragon. 

The princess bride! 


Karl was pretty stoked to find a Magic the Gathering section. 

Susan’s bow! 

The Ice Queen’s crown and wand! 

Gimli’s armour. 
This was probably my favorite little set: 
Indio’s sword, the 6 fingered man’s sword- AND GLOVE! 

Next we headed into the 
“Can’t look Away, the Lure of Horror films” exhibit. 
There were lots of cool things here too. 
Like the camera from the Blare Witch project. 
And this Alien. 
There was a gremlin, and a Hell Raiser. 
We kind of rushed through those things, cuz it was a little creepy for the kids. 
We loved the interactive parts. Like this projector that added crazy stuff to your shadows. 

Then there was a scream booth. 
Then we moved to:
Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction 
Prepared to be TERMINATED! 
There was some sweet interactive stuff in this one too. 
We flew to an awesome space adventure. 
Yes, those are the real hover boards from Back to the Future! 

5th Element! 

Dalek! Exterminate, exterminate!!!

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