Feild Trip to the Firehouse

Mirah’s Preschool had a field trip to the Fire House today. 
The firehouse was only a few blocks from the school so the plan was to walk over to the firehouse during the last hour and a half of school.

The day was over cast and a little drizzly.
The kids didn’t seem to mind. 

This week the blossoms have arrived on the trees.

We got the the firehouse visitors center and the place was packed!

Mirah and her best buddy at school Maren.

Miss Vickie reminding everyone to listen.

Lucas was ready with his listening ears.

Then the fire cheif Cary came down and told all the kids about fire safety in the home.

They had samily kitchens and laundry rooms and bedrooms too. 
Check out this kitchen. Besides the coffee maker, this looks like my house in the 90s. 

He showed them all of the different parts of his uniform. And reminded them not to be afraid of firemen if they arrive-they are there to help!

Then we got to see the big trucks! 

Maren and Mirah up on the back of the Fire Truck!

Then her whole class up on the truck!

Then with Oliver.

What the back of an Ambulance looks like.

Lucas wanted to get out and run around! 

On our way out they gave all of the kids a fire man’s hat!

The girls.

Haha, this guy.

The rain had really picked up while we were in the fire station.

So much that we were totally SOAKED by the time we got back to the preschool.

We called Karl when we got into the car, and he said we should come and get some hot coco at Qualtrics on our way home.

So we did.

We were saved from the freezing cold and even had a nice little visit with dad

This guy.

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