Sciencepolooza 2017

First thing on Saturday morning we picked Karen up and headed over to the Provo Rec Center.
Karen was still working on her HUGE breakfast burrito. 

We arrived and the format had changed a little this year.
They had three tours and three themes: Land, Sea, and Space.
We signed up for two of the tours.
The Land Tour.

And the Sea Tour.

Each of the kids got a passport at the entrance and we got our passports stamped with our tour times. 

Our land tour started right away.
So we got in line.

Our first stop was the archaeology tent.

Each explorer got a brush to investigate little sandboxes with “fossils” in them.

Mirah found a candle stick.

Even sweet baby Lucas.

WE found King Tut!!!

Next we went to Pompeii. We learned all about Mt. Vesuvius. These real Italians told us about people and things found in the ancient ash.

To show us how it worked we took Roman Soldier toys and wrapped them in play dough.


Mirah was really into it.


Fianlly we went to Ancient Egypt. 
We learned all about Egyptian Hieroglyphics 

We had stamps and used them to put our initials in our passports.

We did it! 

We got in line in the Sea tour. But decided to go to the Animal show instead.

It was the same woman from the Thanksgiving point animal show.

Little Lucas had to take a break in the middle. But he did love the animals.

We came back in time to meet this Utah Ring Tail.

Mirah and Karen got a chance too.

We took some pictures:

We went to the Expo Area.

We saw a balloon get deflated with liquid nitrogen.

The we inflated it by blowing on the outside.

Then we got some ice cream!

The BYU food science department was there with the different tastes:

We stood on a bed of nails.

We played some lego robo games.

Karen tried on the drunk goggles. 

And Mirah had a frozen marshmallow.

Science is amazing. 

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