St. Patricks Day

If my green door and decorations don’t tell you, I LOVE St. Patricks day traditions. I mean everything except the drinking, which is funny because for some people it is only about the drinking. 

But there a tons of kid friendly things to do.

Like Mirah’s class did these awesome hats that week in class.

The night before St. Patricks day we got on our green hats.

And read: How to Catch a Leprechaun.

It was a book with lots of good ideas about traps and stuff you could use to catch one.

Mirah and I we happy to laugh and snuggle as Karl read to us.

After reading the book we felt inspired. Lucas was loosing it so I put him in the bath, while Mirah and Karl got hard at work making a little trap of their own. 

Lucas took a green bath.

bumpy headed baby doll.

Once Lucas was in bed, Mirah took her turn in the green water. We put more hot water in it.

Once we got the kids into bed, Karl showed we the set up.

We went to bed, with the pitter patter of little feet in our dreams. Mirah said she was up all night, listening for the Leprechauns.

The morning came and the tap had worked!

We left this note for the little guys:

And they wrote us back!!

We got him, but he cut his way out!

Lucas was so excited to be up with us.

Good morning! 

More exploration revealed:

He left coins!

And peed green!!

He even turned my flowers water green!

We all got dressed for the day.

We had green eggs and ham. 

Lucas loved it.

Green milk.

Green milk mustache. 

On our way to school we stopped to get some green bread and rolls.

Mirah had a ball a preschool! 

They caught a Leprechaun too!

We had green PB&Js for lunch.

We had a quiet afernoon, and then it was time for dinner.

We had a heave set of meals for Pi day, so we had a lighter Green dinner.
We had green beans.

Corned beef.

and green salad.

For dessert we had Green mint milk shakes.

We were all beat.

Too much st. patricks? 


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