Warm Again, Warm Again- New Shades and Hammocks

The weather has been so nice this week, so we have been outside every chance we get!

Karl needed to fix my chair. It kept snagging my pants, so he went out with a big file and Lucas looked on and made sure he was doing it right.

Lucas LOVES his dad. Anywhere Dad is, Lucas is so happy to be too.

He LOVES his Cozy Coupe. He will just sit in it, and not even move it anywhere. He gets really upset when anyone else uses it.

Mirah and Karen have been playing out back a lot these days. They keep moving all of the chairs onto the lawn and Lucas loves to climb up and watch them as they act out plays and funny made up situations. 



This light is just wonderful. I can really see my boys face.

We have been a the park several times too. 

Lucas is always totally zonked after the park.

Timp is still snowy,

but my bulbs are FINALLY coming up!

Spring cleaning means that our neighbors are getting rid of things, like this table!

We got new shades for the kiddos and Karl took these amazing pictures of them together the other evening.

I love them all. 

The last thing that I will mention, that sping has brought to our yard:

I got this sweet number from my parents for Christmas, and it is at last warm enough to hang up.

I got Karl this hammock for Father’s day last year.

I found it on sale, and it has been really great.

I have to put all the picture up, Lucas looks just a little different and so cute in everyone.

After everyone else got a turn, I finally got my shot.

It’s made of a colorful canvasy material.

The trees were too close for my comfort, so we moved it to the other trees.

 I could lay in this thing all day. But who has the time? 

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