Kyrsta’s Birthday

My best Buddy-Motra Cox, Krysta Lee Whitmore-I love you. 
Celebrating your birth is a very important thing for me to do every year. 
Karen came over and we made some sweet birthday cards and signs to decorate for Krysta’s party. 
While we were at it, you had a couple of neighbors over who were excited to help out making cards and signs. 

The party started at dinner time! We had a kids table all set up in the front room.

Karen, Mirah , Newel and Clara. 

Lucas was in the dining room with the grownups.

Karl was the BBQ master, the first time of 2017.

Kia came and we fianlly met his girlfriend Rachel.

We had Krysta’s favorite, Angel food cake with fruit.

Happy birthday to YOU!

We realized as we were taking the candles out that they were trick candles.

With Lucas’s help- and with much effort- we finally got them blown out.

Karen stayed over-and we had a total fun night.
Celebrating someone you love, is a good way to make you remember the people in your life that mean the most to you.

I am so thankful for the Whitmores. The family we picked. Thankful for my little family.
Felling so blessed.  

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