Elton John!

The Annual Qualtircs Summit came around again, and that of course meant that we would be able to go and see another amazing show!
This year was the best yet:

Here are some of the highlights of the night:

We left the kids with Krysta and Zac.
Adam and Belle met up with us at the house.
We drove to Salt Lake. Paid for parking. And got into line to get in!


All the doorways had cool glasses on them.

Our doorway in.

Belle and Adam were with us. Krystin met us there!

Pretty good seats.

My dear friend Kami joined us there!

The show started and we were all excited

Here her comes!!

The piano man started!

Chelsea was loosing it!

His lead guitarist was crazy good. He had a million different guitars. 

We all had a blast.

Especially these little kids Elton invited up on stage. 

Such a great show!

One more shot before we go! 

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