Karl is Back

We got to the airport park and wait a little early and the kids were going BONKERS! 
This kid froze up when the camera came out. He was screaming only moments before. 
His flight seemed to be ENROUTE forever! 
We listened to music and sang songs
Like this one. 

For dinner we went to Oh Mai in SLC and met up with Maryn too. 
Sweet Maryn got Mirah some sweet treats. 
Even so, Mirah couldn’t figure out where to look for the picture.
Even with lots of coaching and encouragement.
Mirah, over here. 
An action shot. 
After dinner we went to Maryn’s apartment and visited for a while. We even tried to dress Theo up in his elf costume. We laughed and talked and realized that it would be our last visit to her Salt Lake home. It was sad to realize.  
We spent Saturday playing and resting and laughing together. It was so nice to have Karl home. 
We took the kids to the Bounce House and had a ball. 

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