When it Rains…

It’s no big secret I hate it when Karl is away.
And just because I am on my own, doesn’t mean my life stops. Like when I went out into the garage first thing Thursday morning, and found that the ceiling had fallen in:
And hit my car. 
Thankfully-no major damage. 
Thankfully, we have amazing friends like the Zac Whitmore who can drop everything and come over and help. He was able to cut down the hanging pieces, and was able to determine that there was no water damage, and that it was probably going to be okay for a little while.  
Maryn was with us on Thursday. I had a long primary meeting that morning.
I got an acceptance letter from our of the charter schools we applied for:
Mirah and I were super stoked!
Dinner and bedtime was the time that was the toughest for me. 
I am usually pretty beat with the kids around that time, and some how Mirah and Lucas’ enegy seems to surge at the end of the day. 
Mirah kept us entertained with this AMAZING “rap” she was doing for her Center Stage Preschool/Kindergarten.
I made soup every night that Karl was gone. The kids love it and he doesn’t so it was pretty fun. 

Mirah just ate and ate and ate. 
Nights were cute and long and slow. 
And mornings we early. 
But super cute. 
It was tough to do it one my own, but good to know I can do it. 

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