Lucky to have Friends Around

The Wonderful Whitmore’s have been with us the last few weeks and we have LOVED it. 
They have been working long hours this week, and we have tried to be as helpful and supportive as possible. Here they are the other morning. Zac had been refinishing floors all that day. 
We all went to Lego Batman on Friday night. I think the Whitmore’s had more fun than we did. We brought Lucas. It was his first full length movie attempt and I would call it, a total disaster. 
He did…okay the first 45 minutes. He did knock over the popcorn twice, spill his and my drinks and climbed all over me and Karl. It was only after all that he lost his cool and had to be walked around and taken out. 
Karl took him out. So I let him have a little lie in this morning. 
Meanwhile, we were downstairs at the table doing fashion.  
With our fashion stickers. 

I found these stickers on sale for 90 cents at target! They were the last two pads, and I got them! 
I knew two girls who would LOVE them! 
One of Mirah’s fashion creations. 

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