Burgers and Sherlock Escape Room

So periodically Karl has work trips to Seattle. 
This one was going to be the majority of a week and so in preparation we decided to go on a date. Our date started out with an indulgent stop at 5 Guys. 
We stopped at the store and kicked myself that I hadn’t bought this for Karl for Valentines. 
We went to an Escape Room. 
It was a Sherlock Holmes themed room. 

There were locks and clues everywhere. 

Karl was amazing at figuring out the puzzles. 
I didn’t have a great time. There were a lot of big personalities in the room, and we joined in with a much larger group. Things were getting solved all around me and I was getting shoved aside by others in an effort to get what they wanted to do done. 

In the end, we did get out. 

It was fun to do some sleuthing. 

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