Trolls in the House

I felt a little guilty leaving my babies on Friday night so as a special treat I bought us a new copy of:

Our lives have never been the same again.
By Monday we had heard all the songs. While at the grocery store I saw these little Troll toys of Poppy and Branch with candies. They were little key chains.
I gave them to Lucas and Mirah for Valentines day.
(They are holding them in their laps.)

Well Mirah loves her Poppy toy A LOT. Like a whole lot. Like when I told her she needed to keep the Princess Poppy key chain on her backpack she obediently did so. But it meant that her backpack now went everywhere with her. Including bed. She slept with Poppy in her hands, attached to the backpack. 

We have watched the movie a great deal. Probably more than any other new movie we have ever had in the house, even more than Frozen. Within the first week we saw it like 4 times. 
Karen and Mirah LOVE to dance and sing with all of the music! 
Here they are at it. 

This Poppy fever has hit me a bit too. While at the store I saw tihs little Poppy flower hair tie. 
Mirah has woren it every day since I bought it. 
We finished the Trolls purches with the entire movie sound track. 
We a bananas for Trolls in the house right now. 

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