Valentines day and Banff 2017

We had done so much Valentines celebrating we thought there wasn’t much left to enjoy, but we were wrong! 
After school Grandma’s valentines arrived! 
Mirah squealed in delight as she opened her card! She loved the ballerina on the card. She loved getting the card.  
After helping Lucas open the card, his first reaction was confusion. He looked over to his for some idea how to respond. 
Then he saw the doggie on his card and he was all squeals and happy talk. 
He kept pointing to the card and saying, “doggy, doggy!”
For dinner we went together to Cafe Rio and even met up with Belle. 

Chocolate Bean face. 
(This was the night before another one of his bad reactions.)
This boy loves beans. 

We dropped the kids off at home and went out to our annual date of:
The Banff Mountain Film Festival! 
Me and my boyfriend. 

The Whitmores

Me and Belle. 

The newly weds. 
Kami and Doug were there too. 
The films this year were great. My favorite one was about four moms from Yorkshire England who rowed across the Atlantic. There was one about a man in Tazmania climbing where he got a tramatic brain injury that I also loved. And the one about a man from Utah and his dog that went on a 60 day hike. 
Good way to spend Valentines night with so many of the people I love. 

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