Mirah’s Learning to Spell!

Mirah has been started taking spelling tests in Preschool this month.
She has been doing SO awesome! 

We practice her spelling words every day and she is doing so fantastic! 

She is really good about going right to the table and getting her words done! 
By week three she has had no trouble at all! 
I realized that if I didn’t give her a line in the middle for a point of reference she just starts from the other side of the paper and spells it from the left side. 
That’s better. 
They also had their 100th day of school this last week! We have been practicing counting and math and she is doing so well! She counts to 100 by 5’s and 10’s and she can count to 29 with out any help. 30-100 she needs help with tranitioning to the next 10. 29 to 30 39 to 40 etc. She will get it. She is soooo close! And so smart! 
Love this little lady. What a smart strong girl! 

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