The Many Ailments of Lucas

Lucas has had lots of troubles lately.
Like at midnight last night Lucas woke up and was TOTALLY awake.
I mean totally awake. 
Which leaves him feeling like a zombie by noon. 

After our Pipkin family birthday party Lucas took a big spill. 
And mushed his face on the corner of my chair. 
He had a bloody nose and a skinned face and bloody shirt. 
My little blood covered baby boy.

The next morning Lucas was looking puffy and and even worse. 
He was sleepy. 
And happy. 
And sad. 
And miserable. 
Still not sleeping great. 
Still an emotional roller coaster. 
In the middle of all of that, he fell and hit his head on the corner of the coffee table. 

It took a couple of days to heal. 
That morning we were playing on the bed while cleaning the bedding. 
What a perfect face. 
What a perfect little guy. 
It was suring this sweet moment that I realized Lucas was covered in spots. 

I called the doctor and they seemed to think it might be an allergic reaction. 
They gave me a few suggestions to help his skin. He got a cold bath.  
He loves bathes. 

We had to go pick up Mirah from school. 
By the time were got there a half an hour later, his hives were getting much worse. 

So into the doctors office we went. 
They were spreading to his face. 

But he was perfectly happy to play in the office while we waited. 
We were told it looked like an allergic reaction, the cause unknown. Maybe a fever rash. 
We gave him some antihistamines. 
And by the time he woke up from his nap his hives were mostly gone. 
Baby. When will he be getting better? 

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