Judah and Asher Turn 6

Judah and Asher turned 6!!
I can’t believe it!

We went to the Reddoch’s house.
And it was a party zone.
The theme was a PJ’s Dounut Party. 

And everyone was so excited!! 

These kids.
Lots of friends and family were there. Nick’s brothers were their with their wives.
Jonathan and Rachel. 
With baby Hazel.
Angsty pictures run in the family I guess. 
Doughnut time. 

Karl-holding a baby. 
Ginger bear.
Everyone we getting excited. 
I mean really excited. 
There were lots of activities for the kids. 
Like jewelry making. 
And play dough. 

Dad’ s talking kids stuff. 
Karl with Rosie. 

Now with both of them! 

Karl is so good with the kids. 

Soon enough it was time for cake. 

Judah’s perfect cheeks and will to blow out the candles! 
I love the way Asher slowly backed away.
Fun party. Happy birthday baby boys. Or not so babies anymore. 

One thought on “Judah and Asher Turn 6

  1. When Betsy is lighting the candles, you can see Lucas already practicing his blowing. His half birthday was just a few days earlier and he's pretty excited by candles.

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