Lucas’s Half Birthday

Lucas is offically 18 months today! And he is really getting so big.
Yes, really big. We measured him on the family Growth Board tonight and he is fully an inch or more taller than Mirah was when she was two. We weighed the kids the other day, or more like we were in the bathroom and they were playing with the scale. Mirah was 36 pounds, Lucas was 27. Mirah was 27 pounds when she was 3.

Verbally he is getting there. These days while we are in the car he always has something to say. Here he is while waiting for Mirah to get out of school. 

He says:

He will mimic tons of things we say. We are working on please and thank you.

I have been trying to get him to tell me body parts for a while now with no luck. 

Dressing and changing him has been as big a challenge as ever. No, bigger. He is getting so STRONG!
An average morning with the kiddos. 

There was snow that morning. So Lucas was layered up, and excited to play. He is SO fast. The minute I put him down he was holding something. 

Sup mama?

It was getting cold, so we came inside. 
But even then, Lucas came in and wanted to get outside. 

Dinner was Lucas’s favorite. 
Rotisserie chicken, gold fish, and a Capree Sun. I tried to get him some veggies, which he mostly passed over. 🙁

Mirah was also happy about the selections. 
So for his first birthday I was so overwhelmed I didn’t get a chance to make his #1 cookies. So I thought I would make a 1/2 dozen (for his half birthday) number 1 cookies. 
I made the dough the night before, put it in the fridge. Unfortunately I forgot to put the sour cream in, and it was way too dry, and it all fell apart. 

So I ended up buying a half cake at Smith’s instead. 

With half a candle. 
He didn’t know what to do with it at first.
He got the hang of it. 
But not on camera. 
I love this little active strong baby. He is so sweet loving. He loves to laugh and play with his sister. He loves dogs and his Dad. He is perfect. I am so thankful that he is my baby. 

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