Mirah’s First Talk, Lucas Starts Nursery

Today, so cutely, Mirah gave her first talk in primary. 
Mirah’s Talk on Agency:

Every day we make choices. We might choose what to wear or what to have for breakfast. We choose to listen to our parents and obey the rules at school and home.
The ability to make choices is called Agency. Jesus is a perfect example. When we are faced with a choice we can always ask the question “What would Jesus do?”
There are people around us that love us, like our parents, who want to help us make the right decisions.
I will use my agency to choose the right!
(I read it to her, and she said the words, loudly and clearly.)
Then, yes, that magical, anticipated, much beloved day has finally arrived!!!
Lucas started nursery!!!!
He did great, and had a great time. But he was TIRED. 
You can see it on his handsome face. 

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