Make Up For Mirah

So my best buddy Krysta-who loves me- gave my daughter Mirah make up for Christmas.
When she gave it to her she said, “I am giving it to her because I knew you wouldn’t and every little girl needs make up.”
She was right, I would never have given this to her.
AND she was also right, thinking that Mirah would LOVE it. She came to me covered in makeup all over herself. She doesn’t know how to blend, or spread, and mostly it was just lines of makeup everywhere. I would use a baby wipe to spread it around an lighten her efforts.
I would take the make up and put it in my drawer or under my bed or on the refrigerator. And even though she only had it for a little over a week, she she always seemed to have it.

On new years eve I went into her room after quiet time and she had gotten the make up everywhere. All over the walls, and her bedding. It was bad. She and I had made a deal that it was not to get on to her bed. And if she got it on the bed, it was gone. So, I told her this and she was DEVASTATED. She cried and cried and cried.

This was her make up a week after she got it. 

The big two were blush. The middle three were eye shadow. And the far right three were lip gloss. 
With JOY I threw it away. I was sad to make Mirah upset, but it was OVER, Bye bye! 
I text Krysta about my decision.
Then she text, “Looks like it was the best week of her life! Zac says I’m a horrible friend for giving her that. But ya, probs throw it away. Or clean it out for pretend make up.”

Ugh, she is always so right. Thats why we are friends.

So I dug it out of the garbage and proceeded to clean it up. 

Once it was dry, I used my nail polish to fill in the makeup holes. 

Mirah LOVES it. 
She did my pretend make up today. 

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