Last Day with Karl on Vacation

It is Monday, January 2nd, Karl’s last day of vacation. 
We were able to sleep in. 
I dressed the kids, and we got up and got going very slowly. 
Lucas got up and played the piano. 
It’s one of his favorite things to do these days. 
Check him in action. 

It was a super snowy day. 
For breakfast we made some lil smokies in croissants. 
Then we got down to business.
We took Lucas to get a haircut. 
His shaggy locks were getting SO long. 
He has permanent bead head. 
He was not into it. 

This is the cut I was trying to get. 

This is the one we ended up with. 

He was covered in hair and so was I by the end.
I had to bathe him when we got home.
It was an aerobic event.
It was a long day. 

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