New Years Day Morts

Our first dinner of the new year was made by my lovely and loving husband Karl.
Indian food.
Chicken Currey.
Home made Naan. 
We also had delicious tarragon rice, also homemade. 
Karl was so cute. He made a ton and invited Adam and Belle over to help us eat it. 
After dinner, I put the kids to bed. Belle and Adam cleaned up, and Karl helped Cameron, who had arrived around that time, get set up to play MORTS! 
Cam arrived in his new jeans from Kelly:

Branny joined in via google chat. 
Belle across from me. 
Adam at the end. 

Karl next to me. 

Came drew some sweet maps for us to visualize. 

There were tons of awesome treats. 
Including this amazing bowl of churritos. 
The end of the bowl-There was a SMILEY FACE!! 
Hope it’s a sign of a happy year to come! 

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