After Christmas

Very unceremoniously my mom told me after dinner on Christmas night, when I asked why Dad was packing the car, that they would be leaving first thing the next morning.

This came as quite a shock to me as we had planned on having them until Tuesday night at least.

The change in plans was actually ok, since we wanted to spend Monday with Karl’s family any way. We were at the Reddoch’s home most of the day. We play with the kids while Betsy and Malia went shopping for new furniture.

They had a good time. Grandma Hite was happy to see the little kids, even though once the little girls arrived home from daycare Lucas couldn’t stop clobbering them with his love and strength.

Betsy made a delicious dinner of Tacos with two kinds of beef and two kinds of tortillas.

We used the taco holders that Grandma Barney gave Grandma Hite for Christmas.
The kids really enjoyed them. 

So did the grown ups. 
More days went by and we spent time playing with all of the many toys and crafts we got for Christmas. 
Mirah had a blast making and decorating the new castle that she got from her grandparents. 

New bath toys from mom and dad-and bath color drops from Grandma and Grandpa. 
We had loads of time for realxing and TV. 
And napping in the living room. 

And eating out for dinner. 
And board games. Like a lot of board games. 

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