Christmas Dinner

Karl was SO excited for this dinner!
He had been suvi-ing this Prime Rib for 30 hours.
Perfectly tender and DELICIOUS!!
We had home made rolls, salad with delicious BYU creamery ranch, green beans with lemon and bacon, and of course delicious mashed potatoes and with delicious prime rib au jeux. We had a bottle of Martinelli’s sparkling apple cider for every person at the table. 
OH and and cracker for each of us too. 
The kitchen was full of dirty pans, and the smells of PERFECT food! 
Maryn was ready to eat and happy to snuggle with her little love Theo. 

Krystin was ready to celebrate!

Time to eat! Ladies at the table! 

Lucas, just up from a nap. And READY!! 
We cracked our crakers! 
Crowns on! 

Lucas used the shoe horn he got in his cracker to eat his potatoes. 

Kyrstin had to pull her hair back to get her crown to fit. 
Grandma was sitting on my left, and Lucas suddenly became very interested in seeing her. 

After a dinner like that we all needed a nap. The kids needed to jump on their dad. 

Merry merry Christmas. We had a wonderful day. 

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