Christmas Adam

Our house had become a one stop shop for all of our families package delivery needs. I have become so accustomed to things arriving for us that are not really for us that I hardly look at the boxes anymore. BUT on Christmas Adam a big one arrived! 

It was from Branny and Leah! 
We excitedly opened it! 

They sent gifts for almost everyone and a jar of their home made relish for everyone too. 
The packaged arrived just as we were getting started making Sugar cookies! 

Mirah was SUCH a big helper. 
Lucas got in there too. 

He was VERY good at eating the extra dough!

But he did try and make a cookie too. 

(While we are talking about baking with Grandma.)
We actaully spent a bunch of the day on Christmas eve making rolls too. 
Grandma and Mirah were a great team. 

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