Barney Christmas Party

The first annual Barney Family Christmas party happened on Thursday December 22nd.
It was a big day for the Hicken’s as it turned out.  
1. Dustin got into a snowboarding accident that morning, and had shattered his collar bone. He ended spending the day in surgery. So did uncle Greg, he preformed it. 
The 22nd was also miss Lucy’s 1st birthday! 
Look at this perfect little angel! 

3. It was a Silly Christmas Sweater Party:
My offering.
We all arrived and things got real, really fast. 
Before Aunt Shirlene left to the hospital, she set up a station for the kids to make thank you cards, and to make Christmas ornaments. 

Asher wrote Barkley a note. 
Grandma Hite looked on with Barkely. 

After that, the kids decorated cookies.

Did I mention Brookie was there? Mirah was in HEAVEN! 

Mirah’s cookie. 

Judah’s cookie.

Asher’s cookie. 

My cookies. 

Soon Grandma and Grandpa Barney arrived! 
And there were lots more good times. 

The kids all played happily in the basement together. 

Lucas woke up from his nap a little grumpy and since our last visit to Logan ended so badly, I was feeling a little anxious. 

So I just enjoyed the snuggles and PRAYED everything would be ok. 

Eventually dinner was served. 

And the kids were having a blast together. 
Baby buddies. 

Dinner was threw, and Aunt Shirlene was home. 
We played music with the chimes. 
When suddenly look who arrived!!! 

Lucas was mostly unimpressed. 
The older kids were PRETTY STOKED!
Mirah got right in the action. 
She told Santa just what she wanted. 
Brookie was excited too. 
Since Mirah had such good rapport with Santa, she helped pass out all of the presents to all of the kids. 

Lucas was undressed from dinner. We had Lazagna, and he loves to get it everywhere. 

Luke was excited for his gift. 

All the kids got dope coloring books that came with crayons and markers. 
Mirah and Santa. 
All the kids and Santa. 

We sat with Yeon Mi and Brooklynn. 
We said fairwell to Santa and then did the kids gift exchange. 
Lucas got a tractor. HE LOVED it. 
Mirah’s gift, which is actually from Brookie:

After the kids gift exchange:
We did the grown up White Elephant gift exchange. 
Karl was the first pick, and he got this sweet number.
I was lucky enough to sit next to Grandma and Grandpa Barney. 
Grandpa got this!
Light of Thrones! 
We ended up with the Papa hat and a hair trimmer.
We had to go home. The kids needed to get to bed. 
SUPER FUN party. And a CRAZY day! 

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