Day Break Christmas Party!

Betsy and Nick invited us out to Day Break to meet Santa.

And meet Santa we did!

The event was held out at their community rec center. There was no one ahead of us when we arrived. Mirah jumped up first. She told Santa that she wanted a wooden train for Christmas. He thought that was pretty cool. 
Lucas was up next. He wasn’t sure about it at first. 
But we was cool about hanging out and giving it a try. 

A few more for good measure. 
The Reddoch’s were up, and we jumped in at the end. 

And Luke was out. 
Craft foam Ginger bread houses! 
Mirah was so excited. She really loves to do crafts. 
We all sat and built our houses. 
It was a really fun event. 

After building became tiresome there was a bouncy play house for kids release their wiggles. 

Lucas had found someone else’s candy canes and was trying to eat them. 

We all went out to Cup Bop newly open in Day Break. 
I guess the kids were all sugared up because while waiting for lunch to be ready they were going BANANAS. 

Staying and eating at the restaurant was not an option anyone wanted to entertain, so we went back to the Reddoch’s house to eat lunch. 
After eating, we hung out for a little while, but it was getting late and Lucas needed a nap so we said goodbye. 

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