Lucas Loves to Play

We hung our with some of our neighbors this morning and Lucas was in heaven. 
This is Crew. He is an Awesome Dude. 
It was good to play with little boys. They play differently than little girls. Like Crew wanted to sword fight. We have had these swords for months and new had sword fights. 
But these boys were here and with in moments:
It was on! 
Lucas was in heaven. Brekken was so sweet with him. 
Crew was too. 
Note to self, we need to get this boys some more play dates. 
Another thing, Lucas’s eternal bed head. 

No matter what I do, it always comes back. 
He is such a good boy. He loves to nap. 
Some days we will just grab his blanket and go up to his room. 
Dragging a blanket up the stairs between your legs is hard work! 

Other hard work these days:
Keeping mom and dad on their toes at church. 
We are so close to nursery I can TASTE it! 
We will bring Lucas in and spend time with him during church. HE LOVES it in there. 

Lucas loves gold fish. I bought this box the other day, and I tried to just give him a handful, and he wouldn’t calm down until he held the whole box. 
Love this perfect face. That cut on his thumb? Yeah he goes around looking for soda. If we leave a can we are  drinking anywhere he ever sees he wants it! This week he found an empty Coke Zero on my dresser and cut himself. 
I get why Dad always made his room off limits. 

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