Getting Home, Decorating the House

Upon arrival home we found the ground covered in snow. 
Our house that was pristine when I got home, after just a day was a total mess. 
We got busy putting away the fall decor, and the Christmas spirit was upon us! 
Mirah made herself a Christmas hat!

For FHE that night, we read “Soft Enough for a King,” and started our goal of service through the holidays. 

We spent the evening decorating the tree. 

There was SO much snow! 
The snow came of a fun day. Getting all ready for Christmas. 
This year’s new ornaments. 
A snowy start of the Christmas season.

The next night we did the mantel above the fireplace. We put our nativities out.

After we were done we had hot Coco and

While we sat on the floor and talked.

The NEXT day our neighbor brought over a new Christmas dolly named Noel and Mirah is in love with her. She also brought a cute soft Nativity set which we put under the Christmas Tree.

She is really excited about Christmas. I went into her room the other day, again:

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