Last day of our CA Trip

On the morning of our last day at home, I took Krysta to the most magical place of all:
The Doughnut Palace.

So many donuts. And drinks, and food.

We ordered and then sat down and waited by the window.

I got an XL diet coke and a small horchata for Karl.

Krysta got an awesome Boba.

We of course got donuts and cookies too.

Krysta and I did a highlights tour of El Centro. We visited downtown,

When we got home, the gang went right back out again. To Calexico, to visit the swap meet…s.

We went to the first little shopping area by the Calexico Price Center. 
Look at this sweet shirt! 
A bunch of super cool shoes, but they only went to size 12.

Random bits of bricka brack!

Jeans and only Jeans.

A sweet touchdown outfit!

And a lot of coats.

Then we went over to the BIG swap meet.

Blankets galore!!!

I introduced Karen and Krysta to churritos. 

Oh yeah, thats the stuff.

We got a bunch of Mexican candy, and Mirah and Karen some boots.

After we got home we went and visited Aunt Kathy.
Here she is in her comfortable room.

Visiting about Thanksgiving.

Pictures with Mirah.

Lucas was loosing it, so we had to get out of there.

For dinner we went to our family favorite, Celia’s.

Lucas was into it.

Dad and his best buddy Adam.

Mom and her lovely Belle.

Karl and his lady Mirah.

And Buddy Lucas.

And I still can’t believe it, Karen and Krysta- at Celia’s.

My favotie item on the menu.

My actual favorite item on the menu.

My favorite meal.

Karl’s meal he shared with the kids.

Belle’s dinner

I can’t believe it.

We got home from dinner, and the cars were already packed, we were just doing last minute packing and getting ready.
I loved coming in and out of the house at night. We passed dad’s twinkle lights.

The last moments at home are always the saddest. 
Mom and dad were excited to have their house back, but sad to say goodbye. 

It was a chilly windy evening when we loaded up into the car.

We drove through to Moapa, and slept at Krysta’s mom’s house.

We started around 7:00 AM the next morning.

The roads were wet and busy that morning when we left.
But not too terrible.

There was some snow over the Beaver pass, but that was all.
The traffic was AGGRAVATING, and we were glad we left early in the day, becasue it just got worse the longer we were on the road.

Lucas, who was fussing the whole trip fell asleep at Nephi. 
Little punk. I knew that meant that we wouldn’t sleep once we finally got home. 
We were all exhausted, and he wouldn’t wake up!
He thought we were funny, but he was just too sleepy. 

It took two days to recoup, and over a week to finally unpack.
SUCH a wonderful trip. The weather was freezing this week, and I just miss the warm, and the warmth of my parents and thier home. 

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