Mission Beach

So by the time we got to the beach I was annoyed. 
There had been some miscommunications between me and my mom on the road. I hadn’t had breakfast and I was feeling rushed. As we passed Sea World I was feeling extra bummed we weren’t going there, and so…yeah I was totally annoyed.

I wad pouting once we got to the water. And Sulking on a blanket when everyone else got in.

Krysta could tell I was having a bad time.
So she super sweetly took Mirah out for me. Karl had Lucas. I sulked on the blanket. 🙁

Krysta tried to coax me into a good mood so she sent me this picture with this caption:
“She says she’s surf boarding.”

I love Krysta. I was feeling less grumpy as I see her being sweet, and saw how much fun Mirah was having.

The final brick  in my ice cold heart, was this rock with sea weed that Karl brought to me that looks like an anatomical heart. 
So I got my dumb but up and there was this cool sea weed in the sand. 
Then sea weed got stuck on my leg. 
Karl later found another heart rock. 

Mirah was totally soaked by this point. Should have brought her a suit. When I packed I just didn’t expect that it would be 70 DEGREES that day! In November! 70! 
Karen brought her suit! 
But even though she didn’t have a suit she was in heaven and having a total blast! 

Lucas was a little more timid about it all. 
He just wanted to be held my his dad. He loves his dad. 
Karl tried to set him down, but he just ended up on Karl’s shoulders instead. 
Karl did more wandering with the little boy. 
Karen played in the waves. They were huge that day! 
Sandcastles in the sand. 

Lucas was finally feeling brave enough to run on the sand. 

Krysta was satisfied that I was present enough to parent, so she put on her suit and went out into the water with Karen. 
Grandma took Lucas on a walk. 

Mirah and I watched the waves. 
We looked for shells. 

While we were making castles, Karl wandered up and down the beach finding shells. 
Lucas was so happy to see him come back. 
Grandma bought Mirah some sand toys. 
In an effort to cheer me up, Karl took me and Lucas over to Belmot Park to have some food, and ride the coaster.
First stop, Hot Dog on a Stick.
French Fries, Funnel Cake, and a corn dog! 
We bought our tickets to the coaster and got in line! 
BUT, no babies allowed. SO we took turns. 
I went first and I was STOKED!!
The view from the coaster was awesome. 

Lucas and me while Karl took his turn. 

I love mission beach. 

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