San Diego Tidal Pools

Our last stop of our day in San Diego was actually somewhere I had never been, but always wanted to go.

We checked online to see what time low tide would be.

This was what it looked like when we arrived:

It was so quiet we all spread out at did some exploring.

The little ladies were having a blast looking for crabs and ennenamies 
Krysta was such a champ. 
Lucas loves her SO much. 
Me and mama. 

Lucas was hesitant at first to get down. 

But then as soon as he realized how fun everything looked, HE COULD NOT BE CONTAINED!


We eventually just leaned into it and took off his pants. 
He was so happy to sit in the water. 

Sadly it was getting late and we had to head home and Luke was NOT having it! 
Later at home we found this rock…mom…

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