Thanksgiving Dinner and a Fire

Dinner was ready, the guests had arrived, and before we sat down we had to introduce ourselves to the group. Dad, Julie Suamataia, Sister Johnson.
Jim and Lynnelle. 
Adam, Belle, Karl, Lucas, 4 missionaries. 


The table as we were about to begin. 
(Not photoed in the intro: Brother Suma, Josh and Benji.)

Oh, and Mom popped out! 

We got started and fed the ladies first. 
Karl just dragged Lucas along with in his high chair. 

Such a picturesque dinner. 

Jim made the potatoes and dressing. He made enough for like 100 people. And we ATE!
(Note I think I had at least 2 servings a day until we left)

Once we had all been served dad announced that in lieu of going around and saying what we are thankful for we woudl go around and tell everyone what their ideal Thanksgiving would be. 
He said it would be one with his mom and dad. 
Most people said it would be best to be with their family. 

It was at this dinner Lucas had his first taste of Apple Cider. And he couldn’t get enough of it. 

After dinner, Krysta and Belle and Adam did most of the dishes, and we all ate a million pie! 

Karl, having pumpkin pie the only way pumpkin pie can be eaten. Equal parts pie to whipped cream. 

Inside Karl and his parents sat and laughed together. 

Krysta and I realxed a little. 
Outside were Mom, Dad, Julie, Seau, and Siter Johnson. 
Lucas and I sat for a while by the fire and talked together. 
Left overs. I wish I were eating them right now. 
Gravy dispenser. 

The evening was spent talking, laughing and relaxing. 
The Bromance Farwell. 
Thankful for this day. 

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