Thanksgiving Food Prep and Fun

Food Item Prep One:
Carrot Casserole.
Krysta and I peeled a bag of carrots. The she cut them. 
Mom steamed them. Then she put them in the bottom of a casserole dish.
Then she but a layer on AMERICAN cheese.
Then she made a white cream sauce, and poured half of it over that layer. 
Then another layer of carrots. 
Another Layer of AMERICAN CHEESE. 
Then bake. 

Food Prep Item 2:
Cocktail Onion Shrimp Cheese Ball. 
He had an Uncrustable. 
Grandma always made sure he had a bib. 
Food Prep Item 3: Lion House Rolls.
You can see that my mom has used this recipe a few times before.
Sweet grandma was so excited to make rolls with the girls. 
Each lady got a turn to roll out some dough. 
Lucas was still eating but looking on with jealousy. 
Food Prep Item 4: Bing Cherry Salad. 
My mom got up and made this before dawn. 
While waiting for the rolls to rise. We ended up outside again. 
The girls made their own little fun:
It was almost time for dinner! 

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