Dinner and Dessert in the Valley

So our first day in the valley had been CRAZY busy!
We had been to Salvation mountain, toured Brawley, checked out the Salton Sea, and even visited Grandparents. So what was the perfect end of the day?  A delicious dinner at one of the valley’s top Mexican Restaurants: El Zarape.

We had spent the day with the Pipkin’s so dinenr was with the Hites.

Lucas had had a long day, and he was in a mood. 

So instead of trying to make him smile Karl and Jim got grumpy to match him.

Mirah and her Grandma Hite!

Now, the food. We have to show you the food:

Delicious fresh guac:

We just got Mirah a specail quesadilla and a side of rice and beans. But all the portions are HUGE .

Karl got a shrimp taco:

And a burrito!
You can’t even tell how freaking huge this thing is!

My meal?
A very very special quesadilla:

All this dope shrimp is what made it so special!

Dinner was so good.
I was so full, that I couldn’t even finish this thing.
My left overs were enough to feed me and Karl and Krysta the next morning.

But, the night wasn’t over. 

Krysta called and said everyone was going over to get some dessert, at our favorite place!
Foster’s Freeze!
Mirah was excited to see another grandpa!


Lucas was now fed and stoked to be checking out all of the action.

Then there were these two.
Belle borrowed my dad’s high visibility sweatshirt.

These cuteis.

Happy to be waiting

Karen got herself a freaking delicious caramel Sunday! 
“a mote of caramel.”

The whole thing was Krysta’s beautiful idea.

She got a freeze!
Then not a week later:
Yep, it closed. 
Fun night though. 

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